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music along with digital art and web design that cohere to a fun, electronic vision.
charming scrapbook containing interesting and resonating writing.
a medieval monastery inviting visitors to explore and discover its hidden knowledge.
unique (but still practical) web design mapping the webmaster's interests along with original works.
a mysterious site full of intriguing writing, often concerning mortality and reality.
insightful reviews of books, anime, and manga, among other writings.
original poetry transmitted from space complimented with pleasing web design.
digital art gallery regularly inventing new shapes and forms.
dedicated to the endearing comics, characters, and artworks from the original storyline Herbicidall.
Interesting writing in blog and article form, as well as lovely artworks.
a personal site serving as an impressive curation of digital graphics from around the internet.
artist of endearing comics, characters, and artworks from the original storyline Matikhluk.
a gem of beautiful artworks and character designs, and an archive of scans and game rips.
fun personal site with a very charming character. I always have the sound on.
a web design that appeals to my minimalist tastes, among other writings.
cute artworks, web design, and fish, and a unique guestbook format.
a lovely cabin by the sea where you may find writings and recipes.
an eclectic collection of books, art, music, movies articles, video essays, and more.
a personal site littered in eloquent writings which express mesmerizing and unique images.
peek in the bureau for great taste in art as well as intriguing original works and worldbuilding.
elaborate profiles of original characters containing digital art of unique personality.
vast castle that holds the secrets of Lady Nymph. experience with sound.
a site filled with passion for history, the webmaster is a writer and aspiring archivist.
original artworks of an amusing style and fun profiles of original characters.
artworks and writings featuring original characters, as well as movie and music recommendations.
a great amount of personal writing that is impressively articulated.
cute and sweet original characters and artworks, and portals to other realms.
philologist, cosmologist, theologian, and bronze age blacksmith with a rachmaninoff music player.

Art - animation - animation - photography - webcomic - animation

Browser games - Weimar republic sim - connections puzzle - yume nikki fangames

Practical - online file hosting - download videos - edit GIF files

Mine - youtube channel - useless nekoweb - art fight