Who's Lila (spoilers)

there's a mystery game steam sale right now and Kopawz' review intrigued me so I bought "Who's Lila." I played without any real expectations and I was surprised to resonate so strongly with the game I completed 10 endings, but I don't think I'll look for Daemon's last 5 — satisfy detective Yu and entertain the Death tarot card — I don't want to kill Lila. sounds like an elaborate excuse for being lazy lol but I really feel its more faithful to the game, I don't know.
anyway, the whole facial expression mechanic thing and the exploration of the self really resonated with me in a lot of ways and I think I will remember "Who's Lila" for a long time


Secret page

here is a collection of artwork I like because I don't want to make a real page for it . its image heavy which should really be a warning for my entire site but I did shrink resolutions.



wanted to share a site with "Urasawa Naoki no Manben" in english subtitles the series follows Urasawa's interviews with other mangakas and their processes. you can watch Inio Asano work on Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction and Urasawa himself working on Billy Bat to me, Yamashita Kazumi is the ideal...


Yume Nikki

was too tired to do anything productive so I downloaded Yume Nikki on a whim Its my third rpg maker game after OFF and hylics. I see how the guy from petscop could play for so long now... so far, I found 12 effects and my favorite is the hat and scarf and I really suck at nasu. what I like about Yume Nikki is I feel like you can't be accused of "misinterpreting" it, something that really annoys me on the internet.



First Log

hello :-] I don't really know what I mean by log... It could be called a blog but that's kind of lame.