wanted to share some backgrounds I made for NMPW because I don't know when I'll update again but I was excited to use them


Ernst Fuchs,-5.86,70.0



thought it would impress my younger self if one day I uploaded a speedpaint of my own on Youtube


Royal High Luga

Beluga in Roblox



what introduced me to Neocities was a message on the website that hosts the webcomic Godhead. my first site was actually from 2019 in which I attempted to make my own web... project (? wasn't really a comic), that I actually found out still exists 10 minutes ago and I just now took it down because I was 14 and cringe (not before downloading it all though)
anyway, I recently reread and caught up with Godhead and I'm just so enamoured by how it takes advantage of the web medium. if I have to complain about one thing of the corporate internet on here, its whatever the hell Webtoon did to webcomics. feels like so much potential with the medium is wasted to marketability. hate to admit it but I have to admire homestuck in a way...


My dearest Luga

Commissioned the wonderful artist @stachitze back when it was my birthday and today I felt compelled to show off


Anatol cat

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Anatol if he was a cat


Cool photo
Sorry for the suspicious link. I don't think I can upload the photographer's work. but it really is a cool photo
this penguin too


Viktor Vasnetsov

a recent inspiration of mine. Vasnetsov is famous for pieces like Knight at the Crossroads but his work for St Volodymyr's Cathedral is so beautiful... the way he paints the eyes of his figures are so expressive and alluring also designed this hat which is cool



redid a lot of this page because I originally coded it in a really inconvenient way… also now sorting by date rather than subject which isn't great actually but I needed a way to burry old logs or I will want to delete them all. hope to use this a lot more now