cute alien girl with a suffocated look from wearing a space helmet too large for her

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welcome to callus.neocities.org founded by the WORLD RENOWNED GENIUS CALVIN /CALLAHAN /CALUM /CALEB /CALZONE. a site serving the interests of the prodigious webmaster.

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09/08/21 : + button for a shrine this is not a real update i just dont want this place to seem abandoned i am working on things behind the scenes i swear
29/07/21 : + page for ocs
28/07/21 : homepage complete!!!!!!!!!!! (basically)
26/07/21 : so close to getting all these formalities done just have to fill up the rest of this page and i can finally get to what i intended to dedicate this site to (my ocs........)

☆ NAME: cal/leon
☆ AGE: sixteen
☆ PRNS: he/him
☆ non-binary

pixel naruto
pixel sasuke

SOME favorite animes:
mob psycho 100
revolutionary girl utena

favorite movies:
the handmaiden
but im a cheerleader

favorite games:

hi!! this was supposed to be an about section but i cant think of anything else to add ummmm i am not completely new to html/css however this is my first attempt at anything more than throwing around text and pngs like a glorified google doc 😁😁😁 if you like horrible web design follow me on neocities

TWITTER: @cal1us