born the 31st of may in earth terms
→ swears hes really cool just only around extraterrestrial telecommunication recievers
→ behind an urban myth of a bicycle monster who steals wheels from tricycles
→ the hair is actually natural

nina lives in a far off world known abbreviated as D.S, a world which is basically just an earth recolor with really condensed buildings and stuff. just a normal kid normal type who discovered a strange terminal as a kid which seemingly recieves radio transmissions. he would keep the device to himself for the pleasure of having one sided conversations with indescribable alien jargon
nearing ninas 14th annual ceremonial festivity marking his arrival among the living, he reunites with someone he knew for a week 8 years ago which leads to finding out his conversations with his emotional support alien radio were not as one-sided as once believed
still a normal guy normal type but who now happens to be friends(?) with a girl who manipulates time and space as she pleases

*likes he pronouns, however they/them is kinda the polite reference for people you arent close to in d.s idk gender lost a lot of its impact on language there also hes not a boy whatever i dont feel like getting into this under an asterisk just use he or they
*raised only by his aunt which isnt really unusual or anything in d.s they kinda have a different concept of family yeah ok more stuff im not getting into under an asterisk i should make a seperate page for this